Dinner with Albert Einstein

..and with Cecilia Jarleskog (physician), Hans-Uno Bengtsson (physician), Marika Hedin (historian),
Anders Barány (physician), Joanna Rose(science correspondent) and Aant Elzinga (science historian)

They eat, they drink and they talk – about Albert Einstein.
The film is about the young Einstein and about the eternal difficulties to manage the different aspects of life; work, family, love , duties…

Written& Directed by Karin Wegsjö
Cinematography: Geir Hartly Andreassen
Sound Technicians: Patrik Strömdal, Göran Edström
Editor: Fredrik Alneng
Original Music & Sound design: Magnus Andersson
Production & shadow assistants:.Paul Baiersdorf, Berlin and Sebastien Knus, Zürich &Bern

Length: 22 min
Production year: 2005
Produced by karin wegsjö produktion Ab for the Nobel Museum



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