Happiness, a Five Year-Plan

A Chinese Commission on the Future arrives in Mariannelund, a small village in the countryside of Sweden. They are well informed; Sweden is ranked number 7, China is ranked number 112.

It’s about happiness, but can happiness really be measured?

The film can be seen as a contemporary satire and a poetical articulation about a
situation that can be experienced in the Swedish countryside as well as in a Chinese metropolis.

  • Script:Janna Holmstedt and Karin Wegsjö, with event scores by Luo Fei, Sun Guojuan, Cheng Liangchun, He Libin, Su Yabi and Lei Yan
  • Directors: KarinWegsjö, Janna Holmstedt
  • Cinematographer: Wang Banji ,Inu Enescu
  • Editor: Sascha Fülscher
  • Sound/Music: MagnusAndersson Lagerqvist
  • Producer: Karin Wegsjö, Janna Holmstedt
  • Production Company: Nu-institutet (www.nu-institutet.org)
  • Developing support by Kulturrådet/SIDA
  • Production support by the Swedish Film Institute
  • Swedish title: Lycka, en femårsplan
  • In Chinese with Swedish and/or English subtitles.

Premiére: Fall 2013
Fore more information: www.nu-institutet.org


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