Nothing Grows Except for Stig (and Molly)

at the Stockholm Royal Theatre (Dramaten)
Inget växer utom Stig (och Molly)

In an absolutely wonderful little town with apple trees all around, where time seems to stand still and the apples are always red and ripe, there lives a boy called Stig. He lives with his wonderful mom and wonderful dad who own and run the town’s bakeshop. Here there is absolutely nothing to get worked up about until the day Stig starts growing. And growing and growing… This comic and slightly surrealistic story tells what happens when the abnormal and exaggerated suddenly makes an appearance in the daily life of a rural town and threatens all that we call conceivable, safe and cosy.

  • Opening: 2003-09-27
  • Stage: Lejonkulan, Dramaten

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