Reclaiming Futures, Storying Change

Reclaiming Futures, Storying Change (FORMAS 2020-00282, UNGA FRAMTIDSSKAPARE, in Swedish, project leader Cecilia Åsberg) is a research communication project that deploys environmental humanities as a form of citizen arts to flip the classroom script and empower young creativity and criticality among early adults and youngsters 15–19 years of age.

It is also a highly collaborative project with film-maker Karin Wegsjö, science journalist Lotten Wiklund (Kajman Media), art hall Färgfabriken in Stockholm, and Daniel Urey and Karin Englund, including the Swedish Lyssna! Project, Statens Historiska Muséer, teacher Magnus Nordin and Bromma Gymnasium, artistic researcher Janna Holmstedt, Art Lab Gnesta, and The Posthumanities Hub.

Cinematography, edited and produced by Karin Wegsjö.

Soil Life (Jord Liv)

Janna Holmstedt is a Swedish artist and researcher, based in Stockholm. She is part of the research group The Posthumanities Hub (KTH Royal Institute of Technology/Linköping University), where she is also appointed Artistic Director. She investigates listening as a situated practice, the cultivation of care and environmental attention, and composition in the expanded field of genre-disobedient art practices.

In english

Whose Death Counts? (Vems död räknas)

Short essay about the ways we treat the environment around us. It is very much h related to how we see and understand both life and death.
(In English)

Dr. Marietta Radomska, Ph.D. in philosophy researches death.

Reflections Next to a Plastic Mountain (Funderingar vid ett platsberg)

Researchers Christina Fredengren and Cecilia Åsberg

What do those Algorithms do? (Vad gör de där algoritmerna?)

Lina Rahm forskar om pedagogiska och kunskapsmässiga föreställningar om AI, big data, och automatisering.

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