We are in the middle of a process that will change our understanding of what it is to be social, political even our basic understanding of being human. Existing structures and systems will need to be replaced. How will we solve the problems of unemployment when machines and artificial intelligence take over a majority of jobs? How will we tackle cyber-crime? How many human relationships will we maintain when it is so easy to drop one person in favor of another for the smallest of infringements?

(From the study “Digital Life in 2025” by the Pew Research Centre. They asked over two thousand scientists, technology developers and IT-entrepreneurs how they think the world will look ten years from now.)


We are planning a film about the digital revolution and its effect on human beings. We want to deepen our knowledge concerning the ongoing rapid development of digital technologies, for example robotics, automation and artificial intelligence – all that is included in the catch phrase the “fourth industrial revolution”.

We propose to ask questions regarding the speed of this development and the consequences it will have for individual and society, to turn the question on its head and listen to many voices expressing a variety of thoughts and opinions.  We bring together scientists, leading thinkers from various fields of study and diverse sectors of society.  The success of this film will be measured in its ability to inspire others to form their own opinions.

Status: In development/research
Length: 58 min/75 min
Producer/Director: Karin Wegsjö in collaboration with Eva Krutmeijer
Developing support by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond and Helge Axson Johnson Fond

Research trip to Japan October/November 2016

Tokyo, Kanazawa, Osaka and Kyoto

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